March 7, 2006 at 8:55 pm
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many things happening.
firstly, geology is really fun to learn about. however.
i am inundated with it and will soon be rocked out for awhile.


today i decided to chew another piece of my bubbalicious
gum that i got when i saw willie wonka and the chocolate factory.
it was tasty until i realized a huge filling in my tooth was in my gum.
that will be fun to fix.
ironically i took the picture two days ago thinking i had nothing to hide.

i really like the new fiery furnaces album.
some of you know that already.

today i saw a guy on the steps of the tower who was massive in gut,
had two crutches next to him, and was reclined back with mouth totally
agog, and he had miky white skin. my first impulse was to take a picture.
a girl nearby had first impulse to check if he was alive.
i hastily put my camera away realizing it was a scumbag thing to try to do
and maybe i should be less goggle eyed.
and yet still i wish i could have nabbed the picture.

i am without mp3 player while the rma process decides what to do with my
zen micro. its hard to ride the bus without tunes. so today i decided
i would start crime and punishment. i never read it in high school. i liked
brothers karamazov a lot so how can i go wrong.

i am calling for anybody with an opinion to show your true grit and give me your top ten acts of sxsw, whether you are or arent going.
the bonus of you doing this is me whorishly taking video and pictures at
the show and giving you full props for my fun.

last two bits. i was watching the fourth disc of simpsons season 7 and found
that fox in its infinite wisdom had given me two disc 3s. doh.

luckily i have realized the newest album by the fiery furnaces
called bitter tea is exceptional to my oft wrong tastes.
its heartfelt and silly and crisp and beautiful.



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