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March 21, 2006 at 1:46 am
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im not ready to recount my week yet.
ill have my story straight in a couple days.
in the meantime for a band breakdown you can check out d sankas blog
as he and i saw a big chunk of the same shows.

uploading pictures takes way too long on a 40k cable.
need to start taking advantage of a T3 on campus.

anyhow sxsw was gripping. i have to say if you dont feel anything like
a rockstar normally and youre just a loley student who wears four eye
glasses and chats with dork engineers about french curves and differential
decline curves then you need to go. period.

i have to say my crew and i rocked pretty hard amongst a whole lot of tame toe tapping onlookers. im not sure if people were drinking so much free beer they forgot how to go nuts or what. i guess dancing is passe.

best show? without a doubt the gossip. it wasnt a new show for me as my music twin in chicago kirstan took me to see them a few years ago.
but i have to say the show on thursday night KILLED me. many of you know this thanks to sms technology. and i even met beth pre-show.
i chat with beth

after that there were lots of fun bands. im not going to try to enumerate
right now but a couple highlights for me were echo and the bunnymen hot chip holy fuck and this absolutely PSYCHO band at headhunters which wasnt even a venue.
if anyone knows what im talking about please tell me who they are i want to see them again.

hes humping the keyboard

i bitched and moaned about the stupid exclusivity of certain day parties but i really had nothing to chonk about because adam and i got into the austinist party on wednesday night that grand national played at. we missed grand national but we didnt miss a beautiful party.

pictures are going up slowly so if you arent appalled by the bad iso settings and blurriness check them out and let me know if we had overlap.

on another note im running for webMASTER in the upcoming SPE elections.
you cant vote for me but you can definitely fund my campaign.


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