February 9, 2006 at 2:54 am
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bbc in pictures
yes its lame. i ride on the coattails of the seventies and eighties far too often.
im as much a minority there as i am anywhere else.
i wish i was a student in 1971.
you gave me a time machine? i would be in 1971 or 1532.
i dont seem to care about my ignorant aging presence.
my hair is fading and maybe i am too.
i dont have any patience for anything but my reaction is inaction.
i was really pissed when i heard the song:
god moving over the waters
during a commercial. or something equally stupid.

i think about plastics lately.
plastic flow.
bingham plastics.
plastic fang.
plastic deformation.
plastic half life.

nobody looks each other in the eye anymore.
friends and strangers alike.
is everybody that paranoid about everything?

yo la tengo – our way to fall
pizzicato 5 – baby love child
four tet – iron man
roots – burning and looting
weezer – island in the sun
julieta venegas – oleada
vanessa da mata – nossa canção
chaz jankel – without you
cure – the walk
pogues – living in a world without her
lata and mukesh – bade armanon se
lata and mukesh – sawan ka mahina
mukesh – kya khoob lagti ho
raj kapoor – aaja sanam


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