dirty thoughts.

February 14, 2006 at 10:32 pm
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i was thinking about mud.
damn dirty.

i kicked it with the coolest this weekend. my sister and i bickered our way over
to scotts place for some funk ginger wine and then on to the MFA for basquiat beatz
where we would all unanimously agree that lines suck and we moved on.
ended up at numbers which is easily the least stylish place i have been out to in
houston and always the most fun. fortunately for you i also forgot to lower the iso
for most of the night.


i cant not say it and sleep well so i kept it for last.
maybe one day i will share my moms incredibly sagacious and generous view of the
world, but until i do i really hate corporate holidays and this one is no different.
as if christmas is not enough two months later people are spending money nobody
really has on folderol and crumbs that nobody really wants.
why so many people buy into or even tolerate the pandering is beyond me when there
are so many meaningful reasons to celebrate practically every day.

poi dog pondering has it right. thanksgiving for every wrong move.

the only bonus of these mega corporate subversions is there is cheap candy leftover
the next day when everyone has already forgotten the sugary love they clung to so
dearly the day before.

ides of march here i come. what?
flattened eric



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