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February 9, 2006 at 8:48 pm
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curry smacked me with a tag. what can one do.

4 Jobs

– biochemist at rush medical university in chicago. i scraped cartilage off
knees and cows and turned them into creepy crawlies

– analytical chemist at ut austin mass spectrometry department.
sounds exotic but it was so mindnumbing that i now find myself back in school

– jester west desk night supervisor. 12am – 8am grave shift.
i monitored alarms, checked out equipment, checked guests in, and ate all of the food that RAs forgot in the freezer. other perk was i made myself temp ids that got me into all the dorms on campus.

– sacker at gerlands. zahir always thought the name gerlands for a grocery store was a joke in itself.
he is right.

4 Movies (off the top of my head)

– stop making sense
– dune. widescreen extended version with the narration.
– naked lunch. peter weller is rapidly becoming my hero.
– mean girls. hi adam and myra!

4 Places I’ve Lived

– houston proper
– houston burb=katy
– austin
– chicago

4 TV Shows

– charlie rose
– simpsons
– house
– king of the hill

4 Vacations

– porto alegre et al
– mediterranean sailor style
– all of india. im into 365 day vacations and one day its going to be reality.
– tokyo et al

4 Foods

– bhel
– lemon grass tofu with vermicelli
– chicken fried steak at starSEEDS. ive been there as stars cafe.
its like going to see your favorite band after you find out they signed a
contract to do all the commercials for wal-mart for the next 5 years. not the same.
– haleem, pops style.

4 Places I’d Rather Be

– houston
– berlin
– north burnet around steck ave.
– offshore platform in the north sea

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dirty sanchez



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