January 19, 2006 at 9:45 pm
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on a lighter note my trip to arizona was fantastic. i played with any one of seven kids pretty much all the time and am merrier for it. my cousin zahir and i hung out like we did in chicago late late late and watched movies and listened to music.
lots happened while i was there. i ate like a king, i played scrabble, saw the producers, played basketball with someone about 24 inches tall, was thrown in tennis court jail, attacked a dianoga, and ate oranges, pecans, and grapefruits off the tree. also i finally had the mess of sheeps fur that had attached itself to my head lopped off.

there are alot of pictures, mostly of kids and family. that is mainly because frankly i dont have some deep seated infatuation with arizona though much of it was muito interesado. i mostly just love my family.


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