January 19, 2006 at 9:32 pm
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its time to be back in school. i have a horrible schedule that is not dispersed over the week at all. it doesnt matter. i guess with research i will be as busy every day as i would be if i had a nice balanced load. (sota)

being back in school i am immediately aware again of stupid football fuck fervor. a team. that beats the shit out of another team. that beats the shit out of said team. do that around 40 times. fine im picking bones here its as valid as any other sport and if another sport was doing that well they would receive as much fanfare. no. football attracts a special kind of idiot and that is what the corporate fat cats want. the same person that spends 700 bux on a ticket to a game that will most likely play out with maybe a 5% variance from any other gripping football game ever played before is the same asshole that is making coop stores on the drag popular so that every student can wear all burnt orange colored sweatshirts and hats that tell me that that student goes to UT and is supporting the aforementioned mongoloid morons. way to go dudes. i bet you really had a great tailgate party too. it was so unique. you drank a fucking keg and then ran a few red lights and contributed to the terrific drink and drive population in austin. thanks. my nyc hat is off to you.

its my opinion i know im missing the point its all about fun its all about supporting your school its school spirit. thats the stupidest comment and also thankfully the most common. supporting your school would be knowing whether the infrastructure staff is happy or whether another walkout is being planned because of subpar benefits. supporting your school is determining what idiot is allowing the erosion of guadalupe from a student melting pot into a fucking loser hipster urban outfitters coop dominated empire hell bent on bleaching all uniqueness right off the street and replacing it with rudimentary burritos and cell phones. supporting your school is challenging administration to start looking at increasing tuition rates that are not in line with inflation or similar institutions and accompanied by an increase of student teacher ratio instead of decrease. or at the very least supporting your school is blogging about your awesome professor last semester in transport phenomena or geology for engineeres. instead of fanning a frenzy.

yep. i guess im having some issues with ut. i hope im just being naive and the true master plan is just way over my dumb shit head. or i hope that i can accelerate the pace at which i get my degree so i can dust this campus and start doing my living in a place that isnt so high on itself for really stupid reasons. besides its my fault right? im paying and going here of my own accord right? damn right. i love my classes. seriously. this semester i get to take a class in resource economics and a class in geostatistics and frankly i already love the classes. thats my school spirit. unfortunately that doesnt seem to be a good enough reason for people to clap their hands.



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