January 26, 2006 at 3:49 am
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i spoke with many people about the explosions in the sky
show at emos ‘yesterday.’ i didnt know about the show
until monday and when i went to buy a ticket i found they
were indeed in scarce supply. then i became sad that i would
not get to see them.

tonite i thought about not seeing this band a lot. because i have
listened to them often in moments of emotional duress good and bad. and i thought i wanted to see them like all the other bands i love.

but they are different. i dont want to be there at the venue i saw USE and gang of four and go team and 8 bit and that camo band that screams and et al.

explosions in the sky are something pristine in my naive little mind.
i dont want to see them beyond that french guys recordings that i
found online.

i only want to hear them.
no pretentious dancing or wobbling on one of two knees no 4 dollar beer no intentional dim lights no awkward transition bands no bizarre iced bathroom no frenzy downtown no mistaken lust. i want to hear the notes that i can now foretell when i hear the only moment we are alone and yasmin the light and look into the air and your hand in mine. i want to feel those sounds the way ive felt them since my friend mentioned a band that i would definitely love.

maybe with a bottle of gin that gets passed with reticence. a slow back and forth before sunrise in kmart lawn chairs in air that is warm and humid and smogged. maybe a single look that burns
me with acknowledgement.

enjoy the show who go.


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