November 4, 2005 at 5:02 pm
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i dont curse really. im really pretty sweet normally. but some things drive me into a blind rage. one of those things is getting a parking ticket. another one of those things is cheaters. but what is getting my goat right now, what is accelerating my heartbeat into litespeed is this asshole bot that is posting spam links to the blog. because im retarded and i dont have time to deal with it right now im doing the next best thing. giving in. there will be a forced 30 minute delay between comment posts. this is really not an issue because what with all the other blogs and myspaces and friendsters and playboy and playgirl and cnn and google and others out there nobody gives a fullstop about my measly SPAM beleaguered infirm of a non homogenous gutpile. still. im doing my best to keep my gutpile spam free.


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