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November 29, 2005 at 12:55 am
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apparently in the marines you are in the suck when you are in the shit.
i saw jarhead tonite. i dont know what to think about war movies.
i know they are big cash cows in hollywood.
i like a few of them.
i know lots of people die in war.
i tend to hate guns and so think of war as negative.

but i dont really know. maybe vonnegut wouldnt exist without war.
maybe tolstoy would have written peace.
maybe hemmingway wouldnt have shot himself.
ok alot of people dont care about hemmingway.
old man in the sea was amazing though even if he was a misogynist.

i just dont get aggression. i cant even stay with sports because people get so fucking heated and intense about them. i lose interest. maybe im missing out.

dont know. pretty sure i hate war but what would there be without it?
a bunch of crazy violent sociopaths who shoot the cashier when their green beans ring up wrong.

maybe an enlisted army is necessary to allow all the violent people in the world to get off.

i dont buy the defend my country shit anymore.
i dont even necessarily buy the nationalist pride card.
whatever. i have to go write a paper now on angola.


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